Wish you could see your aura?Aura Imaging Close Up

Looking for a fun activity for your next party?

Aura Imaging is a fun way to see your aura in real time

It allows you to see your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies as they are happening, and then you get to walk away with a color print out. You’ll get to see the different colors of your aura, as well as your chakra energy centers.

With this technology, you can enjoy either an individual session or share the fun with others by booking an Aura Party! Aura parties are for 6 people or more.

The Importance of the Aura

The aura, which is connected with the activity of the chakra (the Sanskrit word for “energy wheel”), reflects the individual state of consciousness. The colors of the aura give us information about the quality of consciousness, as well as one’s emotions, thoughts, abilities and the vital energies of a person.

The human being is a complex organism, full of emotion, intelligence and spirit, and these qualities are reflected in the aura. A person’s aura can change from time to time, as a result of their experiences and views on life.

Aura Imaging Report Aura Imaging Chakra Photo

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