About Bal DhararNamaste! I’m Bal Dharar, and I am a quantum navigator. My professional role is to mentor and assist people to access their inner power and connect to source using the latest cutting edge technology. My work is all about Personal Transformation. My passion is to help people overcome what is holding them back so they can thrive. I truly love what I do!

After learning many healing modalities, I found that energy work is the one technique that produces the greatest results. I am passionately committed to the advancement of energy work and the technologies that go along with it. I am fully qualified and insured in my therapies, and I am constantly expanding my own skills and exploring new techniques. Some of my latest studies include: Advanced E-lybra training, Weekly Quantum Infinity training, Student of Dr Mark Dunn from Conscious Systems monthly training, Biological medicine, H A N D L E levels 1 and 2, Matrix Energetic level 1, 2, 3 and practitioner level and Qi Gong training.

My interests keep me updated on all of the changes that are now taking place on this Earth, such as:

  • Planetary changes
  • New energies
  • Evolving into new human beings
  • Awareness
  • Being present
  • Working from the heart

I offer empowering guidance on:

  • Enhancing personal healing
  • Caring and mentoring you through your journey
  • Helping you through challenging and exciting times
  • Supporting you through this extraordinary process during these extraordinary times

I pour my heart and soul into my sessions. Your healing is my goal and my passion. You won’t need to keep coming back for sessions to maintain your results. We’ll heal the things that are holding you back, and then you’re done! It’s a fun and exhilarating process and I look forward to sharing it with you.

I am located in a small town called March, in Cambridgeshire. If you are unable to attend appointments here, I can travel to your house (depending on the distance) or perform remote therapy (depending on the service).