What if you could eliminate your negative emotions so you can live your dreams?

Would you like to feel empowered and in control of your life and your emotions once and for all?

Imagine your life free from hidden blocks and the limitations that hold you back…

The Mace Energy Method™ (MEM™) is an incredibly effective tool that is used for emotional healing

It helps you regain control of your life so that your true self can emerge. Not only can it permanently free you from the emotional effects of unwanted experiences, it can also improve your general health, well being and confidence.

Mace Energy MethodMEM can work in many areas:

  • Relationships
  • Upsets, worry, anger, depression
  • Stress, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Low self-esteem
  • Goals, dreams
  • Learning difficulties
  • Abuse
  • Productivity
  • Addictions, compulsions

How Does it Work?

What makes MEM™ unique is its simplicity. It only requires one or two sessions, which can be carried out in person or over the telephone. It is performed as the client uses a series of simple, silent mental exercises that involve no self-disclosure. The is because it works on a person’s internal energy and resolves the cause of the issue. The specific mental exercises used direct the mind to permanently eliminate all unwanted negative emotions, allowing you to take back the energy you accidentally gave away, putting you in charge of your life.

MEM works with all age groups and is done without the need of self disclosure because it handles the cause and not the manifestation. It follows the concept of ‘Causism,’ which means that you cannot change the past, but you can change how the past is affecting you if you get to the core of it. Using this principle, all sessions cover the client’s entire life, removing all negative areas, including pyschosomatic body problems. Incidentally, the word ‘psychosomatic’ is derived from two Greek words: Physche (spirit) and Soma (body), meaning an ailment that has a non-physical cause. Experience has shown that many physical health issues are purely psychosomatic.

At the end of the session, the client feels ‘squeaky clean’ so that the past is simply something that happened, with no negative feelings stimulated. Clients feel happy, empowered and finally in charge of their own lives.

MEM can be done in person or remotely over Skype.

Ready to cleanse out your negative emotions?

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Turning Upsets Into Positive Energy Ebook for Mace Energy MethodWant to learn more about MACE? Read John Mace’s book, Turning Upsets Into Positive Energy

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