Wish you could attract what you want into your life?

Our new state-of-the-art Quantum Transformers help you create the life you desire!

Quantum Transformers E-Pendant cropInspirational BALancing has developed a new ground breaking state of the art product. These quantum transformers are made from robust resin that contains specially programmed energetic musical frequencies of certain select pieces of music. The resin holds the musical vibrations/frequencies so that when you wear the pendant, numerous benefits are transferred to you.

The music is programmed using special bio-resonance e-lybra technology that allows the quantum transformers to create a bridge between the conscious and sub-conscious mind, thereby working on your energetic system, balancing and allowing you to create changes in your energetic field in order to help you manifest what you desire. It enables you to bring into your life the things and people you want.

Each quantum transformer will help you become more aware of your thoughts and habits, thereby enabling you to change your beliefs and ideas so that you can create the life you want.

The quantum transformer works like a mobile phone in that each has its own unique number, which is recorded on the e-lybra once you register your quantum transformer. Because of this, and for an additional cost, we are able to encode additional frequencies onto the quantum transformer as you need it.

Standard Quantum Transformers Include:

Weight Loss Spirituality
Relationships Confidence
Stress Relief Healing the Past
Abundance Self Esteem
Creativity Letting Go of Fears
Memory Help With Math
Learning Difficulties Being Present
Connecting to Source Healing Emotions
Happiness Procrastination
Concentration Sleep
Shyness Menopause

Individual Quantum Transformer:  £50

Combined Quantum Transformer (2 standard programs on one pendant):  £75

Customised Quantum Transforms (these are catered to your needs – email us what you would like to purchase and we will program it for you):  £100

Order Your Quantum Transformer By Making Your Selection Below. Once you complete your transaction with payapl, I will receive an email that you have placed an order and then I will contact you to discuss your needs.