Do you often feel like a prisoner in your own life?

Are you stuck in fear, negative thoughts and destructive patterns that keep sabotaging your finances, relationships, and happiness?

And no matter what you do, you can’t seem to break free?

Genetic Voice PrintUnfortunately, most people are stuck in patterns they have no control over and that rule and limit their lives. Conventional therapy hasn’t helped. Neither has life coaching or anti-depressants like Zoloft, Paxil and Wellbutrin.

Even popular New Age healing modalities like energy healing, meditation, Reiki, subliminal messages and positive affirmations have limited, temporary value. So many of us find that no matter what we do, we’re still trapped in negative repetitive thinking, depression, stress, and self-destructive patterns.

All you want to do is make it stop so you can have the freedom to choose how you really want to live, right? Now you can…

Current brain science research has developed a cutting-edge technology that helps YOU heal YOU.

Genetic Voice Print technology is where science meets the SOUL

What Genetic Voice Printing can do for you:

  • Stop obsessive repetitive thinking (stop the mind talk)
  • Relieve depression
  • End self sabotage
  • Allow you to make better decisions for your own well-being
  • Improve relationships
  • Allow you to finally choose YOU
  • Relieve emotional trauma
  • Release destructive generational patterns
  • Live in your authentic true self
  • Release the fear of what other people think about you
  • Follow through for yourself
  • Enjoy an amazing feeling of FREEDOM

Why We’re Stuck

Studies show that the negative beliefs, traumas and fears our ancestors experienced have been passed down to us in our DNA. These “programs” have been lodged in the subconscious mind and are actually broadcast by the frequencies in your voice.

Our voice carries identifiable frequencies that convey our emotional condition to anyone listening. Have you ever noticed that the moment you hear someone’s voice, you know immediately if they are happy, tired, anxious or stressed.

Genetic voice printing utilises that information to identify those emotional traumas that are genetically passed down to you in your DNA. These traumas show up in life as fears, negative thoughts and unwanted behaviours. Advancements bridging epigenetics (DNA) and brain studies substantiate how voice printing effectively releases negative programming (unwanted negative behaviours and beliefs).

Not only do you have your own memories of emotional pains, you also carry your parents and grandparents emotional pains because they have been genetically passed down to you in your DNA. These subconscious beliefs and programs continue to attract similar types of people and situations into your life, which is why you can spend hours doing meditations or affirmations or reading self-help books, attending seminars and watching DVDs in an effort to transform your life without getting your desired results. Your negative subconscious program is more powerful than your conscious desire, so you’ll keep ending up with what you don’t want.

Every negative pattern in your life can be traced back to genetic traumas, hardships and unresolved conflicts that were imprinted into your DNA from your ancestors.

How to Free Yourself

You already know what you need to be doing in your life, but it’s the negative beliefs in your subconscious that keep you from being able to do it. Once these identified programs are released, you’ll set yourself free with your Genetic Voice Printing System.

How Genetic Voice Printing Works

The Vo-Cal II voice mapping system is the most advanced technology available to identify and release these negative programs from your subconscious for long-term results. During your initial Immersion Session, we’ll go deep into your subconscious to identify and release long-standing inherited programming. These sessions are transformative and thorough. Click here to learn more about Immersion Sessions.

The answers, explanations, and simple solutions available for your life will astound you once you experience the amazing results of Genetic Voice Printing.

PLEASE NOTE: Genetic Voice Printing is a 3 day process that can be quite intense. It is only for people who have already done some energy work and who are ready to really make changes in their lives.

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