Do you wish you could experience positive transformation in your life immediately?

With an Immersion Session, you’ll walk away feeling different and the change will last!

Clients enjoy the ability to make good choices easier in present moment, and they find that things that would normally disturb them are quickly resolved. The negative feelings they experience around their triggers are less intense or completely gone all together.

*NOTE: Immersion Sessions are for the Genetic Voice Print service only.

How Does an Immersion Session Work?

Before the Immersion Session, we will have a phone conversation to discuss your situation and interview one another to determine if this is a good solution for you. Once a determination to proceed has been made, you’ll fill out an intake form about your negative beliefs and obstacles, as well as memories and observations about your parents and grandparents. (Note: This process works even if you were adopted and never knew your biological parents.) You’ll be emailed guidelines to help you prepare for the process so that you can optimize your session.

Please allow up to 10 hours for your Immersion Session so that we can be thorough and accurate and get you those lasting changes you desire.

Immersion SessionDuring the session, we will proceed with the voice printing process. You’ll simply speak into a microphone for 30 seconds to make a “conscious” voice print and then sit in a special chair that has speakers at the back and underneath, and you’ll wear LCD light glasses for 20 minutes, which takes you into your subconscious mind’s awareness.

Then, you’ll speak into the microphone again for 30 seconds, this time making your “subconscious” voice print. You then say your mother’s name and all the negative memories and positive memories you have about your mother. We repeat this process for your father and both sets of grandparents. By doing this, the software will demonstrate the degree of programming passed down to you by each ancestor.

This transforming process helps you identify the negative programs that exist, serving as your guide throughout the Genetic Voice Printing Process so that you can release them.

Release of negative programs is a 3-part process:

  1. Feeling the emotions connected to the negative patterns, such as fear, judgement, mistrust, betrayal, anger and guilt.
  2. Officially uninstalling and deleting the programs.
  3. Upgrading to the new chosen belief system and putting that in place.

Throughout the Immersion Session, additional voice prints will be made so that we can determine when the programs are released. You’ll know when it releases because you’ll feel better, but you’ll also have the confirmation of the release taking place from the software.

After the session is complete, we will discuss what you can expect once you leave and we’ll put some daily follow up counseling in place. A week of supportive after care is included in your session and helps ensure you are maintaining the new, authentic you easily.

Putting Your Mind at Ease

Immersion Sessions are long and although it can seem tedious, most people remark that they can’t believe 8-10 hours went by so quickly. We go at your personal energy pace and we take numerous breaks for food, bathroom etc. Your experienced facilitator provides a comfortable and safe environment for you and she fully explains each step in the process, monitoring you throughout the therapy.