Do you wish you could ignite your body’s natural ability to heal itself?

Are you looking for an energy healing method that has the power to bring about physical and emotional breakthroughs?

Quantum Touch ImageQuantum Touch is the answer!

Quantum Touch is a natural healing technique that directs the life force energy in the body to promote health and wellness. It accelerates the body’s ability to self heal, which doesn’t just treat symptoms, but instead addresses the root cause of the issue. It helps the body thrive by creating the conditions that will bring it to wellness.

Some of the benefits you can enjoy from Quantum Touch include:

  • Muscle aches & back pain
  • Increased healing of injuries
  • Balancing affected organs and systems in the body
  • Realignment of structure
  • Accelerated healing of illness or disease

How Does it Work?

During a session, the practitioner will pass her hands over a clothed person and hold a high vibrational energy field over areas of the body that feel energetically out of balance. Since like attracts like when it comes to energy, those parts of the body will begin to take on that high vibrational energy so that it can heal itself. The touch used during Quantum Touch is very gentle and light. Many people feel as though they are in deep meditation during a Quantum Touch session, and others might feel as though they have fallen asleep.

Both emotional and physical conditions respond well to Quantum Touch therapy. It brings balance to the body and mind, which helps produce emotional breakthroughs more quickly.

How Does Quantum Touch Differ From Reiki?

Quantum Touch differs from Reiki because it is a trained skill, whereas in Reiki, the practitioner simply allows herself to be a channel of life force energy. Quantum Touch trainers teach practitioners how to use body awareness exercises and breathing techniques to focus and control the life force energy so that it moves into an optimal state. Reiki is neutral for the practitioner, while Quantum Touch is an active process.

Ready to Accelerate Your Self-Healing?

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