Are you looking to be trained in Reiki Level 1, 2 or 3?

With my one-on-one or group Reiki training course, you’ll learn the technique and tap into the energy so you can perform the technique on others and yourself!

Reiki TrainingEach level of Reiki training is centered around the process of attunement as well as the level of education. Attunement is the process of opening and then expanding the student’s energy channels so that life force energy can flow more freely. Students don’t so much learn how to do Reiki as they are awakened to the life force energy and then taught how to allow it to flow through them, while remaining neutral.

Reiki Training Level 1

The attunement takes place during this level of training, enabling the student to be open to and connected to the universal life force energy that runs through the energy channels. The student will learn self-Reiki so that he or she can work through the obstacles that would block the technique’s success, and as a result the student often goes through a deep shift or personal development. In addition, you’ll also learn the history of Reiki, as well as Reiki hand placements, the self-Reiki method and the group Reiki method.

Reiki Training Level 2

In this course, you will receive the level 2 attunement and you will begin to practice Reiki on others. You’ll also receive the sacred Reiki symbols, allowing you to connect even more deeply to the life force energy. With the use of the symbols, you’ll also be able to practice distance Reiki and emotional healing.

Reiki Training Level 3 (Reiki Master)

This level of training is for those who want to be able to attune and train students in Reiki. You’ll receive the Master attunement and the corresponding symbol.

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