E-Lybra Testimonials

What a lovely, warm and welcoming lady Bal is, so giving of her time and energy. After the first E-Lybra session, I could feel the subtle changes taking place in my brain and my thought processes. No longer was the desire for chocolate there, but I was aware of my capacity for self-sabotage and the need to substitute the chocolate for something else almost as unhealthy.

I went with this new thought process as I knew this was just another layer that the E-lybra needed to peel off to get at the core of the situation. Following the second session, I came away with a sense of knowing how much I was changing, thoughts were popping into my head and for the first time in a long time, I am listening to them. I went food shopping yesterday, and almost without thought, I was avoiding the nasties and adding organic fruit and veggies to my trolley. I was buying with a sense of deserving of better nutrition and today I have started the day with juiced vegetables and am drinking lemon water almost without a conscious thought of the change to my normal routine.

So one could say that for me this ever so subtle way of changing how my brain works is giving me the chance to accept each change as it takes place, which feels more natural than an overnight massive shift which can be a shock to the system.


When Bal first started working on my son, Josef, who was then 10, he had big concentration issues. In fact, he could not sit still!

Even though he was not ADHD, school work was a problem as he could not focus for long enough to get anything done. I remember a constant sharpening of pencils, fiddling with pencils, getting up and sitting down, etc. Never naughty – he did not mean to do it, h just could not help it.

After a few E-lybra sessions, I noticed a great improvement generally and over time he has improved so much, its totally amazing. Apart from being generally happier, he gets really good grades at school. He is now 13 and doing so well. But the most extraordinary thing of all to me is that he is now obsessed with CHESS! The ultimate game of concentration…

So as you can imagine, I cannot recommend Bal’s work highly enough.

After suffering from insomnia for 16 years, I truly believed that nothing would ever help me to sleep properly. Apart from being permanently exhausted, I knew I was living only half a life as I was often unable to concentrate, felt moody and irritable and would dread doing certain things if they involved being away from home and the tiredness would get worse. I never felt that I had the energy or enthusiasm to enjoy life as I could see that most people around me had. Mostly I existed, sometimes I couldn’t cope and occasionally for no apparent reason my insomnia would lessen slightly and then life would be a little easier.

During this time, I became addicted to sleeping pills. The trouble with them is that you have to start increasing the dose to get the same result and without them you don’t sleep at all. The side effects are unpleasant and giving up the drug was very hard. I also tried reflexology, a Healer, massage, no alcohol, no caffeine, exercise and no exercise, an evening routine of calm, a warm bath, various food types, a cranial osteopath, counselling, hypnotherapy, a light lamp for S.A.D. sufferers, a nap during the day or not having a nap, no computer devices after 6pm, breathing techniques, a hypnotherapy CD and headphones to listen to in bed, Chinese herbs and a disgusting tincture, special tea, changing my mattress, changing bedrooms, a sheepskin under blanket with magnetic therapy in it and many more things.

After Bal treated my daughter so successfully for something entirely different, I asked her if she might be able to help me. She assured me that she could. Altogether, I have now had 3 treatments that were quite close together. I had varying reactions to the first 2 but nothing unpleasant, rather subtle changes and then about 10 days after my 3rd treatment, my world began to change. At first, I thought it must be a coincidence but as it has now been 3 months since my last treatment, I know this not to be the case. Quite quickly my sleep pattern improved beyond all recognition. Instead of being constantly exhausted, I became tired at bedtime, would go to bed and fall asleep and get up in the morning ready to start another day feeling empowered and refreshed. Occasionally, I wake up during the night but usually read for 20 minutes and am then able to sleep again until morning.

This treatment has without doubt changed my life beyond all recognition. It is gentle with no pain and Bal is extremely caring, knowledgeable and very reassuring.



My teenage daughter has always suffered from anxiety and especially so leading up to and during sporting competitions. Her performance would be affected, she would then be bitterly disappointed with herself and a viscous circle began to develop whereby she dreaded doing the sport she loved, wasn’t happy not competing but couldn’t forgive herself for underperforming so would then feel miserable for days after.

A friend had been treated by Bal and was absolutely convinced that she would be able to help us.

We went for 1 treatment and found ourselves at a competition only 2 days later. This wasn’t the plan but my daughter was feeling so positive that we decided to go. The result was dramatic! My daughter was calm, controlled, enjoying herself and able to perform to the best of her ability. It was quite extraordinary that this change could have taken place so quickly. We carried on competing throughout the remainder of the summer and enjoyed the same ability to cope with the pressures that each day brought.

There have been many other constructive, helpful and clear improvements in my daughter’s life since the time we have spent with Bal. She is finding the trials of being a teenager, school, exams and many other aspects of life so much easier to deal with. Many situations that have arisen that would have been huge stumbling blocks have been overcome without tears or upset. Her self confidence has grown and she is so much happier. How I wish that we had known about this 5 years ago.

We had 2 treatments altogether and these were 3 months ago and the benefits have been enormous.


 E-Lybra & Voice Bio Testimonials

As a trained hypnotherapist, I visited Bal a bit sceptical just to gain a greater understanding of what was on offer. What I found in Bal was a very well informed and educated individual who shows a true compassion towards her work. I have no doubt that this field of therapy will find it’s way into the mainstream and it’s thanks to people like Bal for bringing it to the masses. I cannot recommend her work highly enough, nor can I express the need for this type of therapy to be more widely used and accepted as the “norm” sooner rather than later. The sessions I had have left me with a great sense of happiness and fulfillment and almost impossible to compare with any other therapy I have previously tried (there have been quite a few). As it’s difficult to express in words how good Bal’s work is. All I can do is urge everyone of you to try it for yourselves, it is truly mind blowing.


 E-Lybra & Vo-Cal Testimonials

My experience with Inspiratonal BALancing was emotionally moving and cathartic. I really appreciated the attention to detail and depth the sessions went into. Much deeper than just scratching the surface. I felt incredibly relieved and relaxed and was able to let go of so much negativity and blocks that were really hindering my contentment! Thank you so much!


I came to Bal imediately after a very discouraging visit to an NHS psychiatrist. The immediate relief that here was someone with unique equipment and understanding to help me understand and work and heal my own self from within the overwhelming depths of spiritual and mental crisis. To find someone who normalised what gets a limited medical understanding and very negative prescriptive diagnosisis was the key to my gradual recovery. The use of vo-cal and e-Libra teaches you a better understand your own mind and body and your deep connection with others . Everything is more positive with Bals help at a deep level of life transformation for the better.

The ‘Gadgets’ are miraculous and instant in their effectiveness if the the patient is open and able to work hard internally for themselves. E-Lybra is very powerful indeed and helped confirm my own sanity in the face of more rare psychic sensitivity symptoms that are normally diagnosed as a disorder.

Bal is one of few who has pioneered this equipment here in the UK and they deserve to become essential tools to aiding individuals understanding their inner selves and healing. In my case, my close relationships are now transforming for the better as well, and those I am close to have sort Bals help with good results. I recommend her to everyone I know who have any kind of personal problem and I would recommend her to anyone I do not know.

~Will – Cambridge

 SRC4ALL Testimonials

Thank you, I am now feeling wonderful after your healing.

My symptoms prior to your healing came from working with the children who had trauma and addiction, I had got myself entangled and scrambled in their energy fields. I was feeling emotional, fragmented, overwhelmed and extremely sensitive and confused.

After the treatment I awoke so crystal clear, perfectly aligned and invigorated. What was interesting was the visuals of when you put the machine on, I was experiencing the interface with your instrument, I was observing my energy fields where it was clearing and realigning – it was like laying in a quantum field/holodeck being worked on.

This was an amazing experience – Thank You!!!



Bal placed me on her magic machine; I knew instantly when the machine was turned on as I felt an energetic sensation happening in my front jaw for a few seconds via my Nadis system.

My symptoms prior to going on the machine were a spinning energy circling around the top part of my head like a torsion field whirling around me; this was also creating a fizzing sherbet sensation going off inside my head with a high pitched noise – nothing like tinnitus. This strange phenomenon began 2 months prior. I am an intuitive, developing my natural psychic abilities over many years. Intuitively I felt this phenomena was part of some type of deeper Soul integration occurring, yet wanted to have this checked out in case it was something that was not of benefit to my spiritual growth.

Throughout the time the machine was working on me ‘remotely’, I was aware when it was scanning me. I felt this machine working in various parts of my brain, tweaking and re-balancing what was not in perfect harmony. These sensations were very subtle, gentle and reassuring. After my treatment, I have a clarity that I did not have before. My mind and attention span is clear, and I feel a greater peacefulness within myself. The fizzing energy inside my head is still present, yet feels balanced and the energy coming out of the top of my head is more focussed as a tube of energy rather than it interchanging prior to this treatment.

I am most pleased for receiving this particular treatment, as I now have confirmation that this phenomenon is for the highest benefit of my own spiritual growth. Also just as important this treatment has removed any fears or doubts I may have had prior of this phenomenon being malevolent. I now know I am definitively having a spiritual energetic tune-up and this machine has balanced this natural process.

My teenage daughter unfortunately became involved with the wrong crowd of friends who influenced her to dabble in dangerous drugs such as ketamine, crystal ecstasy and cocaine. This made her mood swings erratic. The drugs also affected the way she felt about herself becoming less confident in life, withdrawn and difficulty relating to others. Fortunately her dabbling was discovered before it became a habit.

Bal placed her on the machine overnight while she slept. She did not feel anything as this machine remotely rebalanced her while she slept. In the morning, she felt very refreshed having a great night’s sleep. Although she personally did not notice any difference to this treatment, being her mother I did notice that she her mood swings have dramatically decreased and she is much calmer within herself, more confident and willing to listen and reason better. This treatment has brought a greater harmony within her and a clearer outlook in life where she recognises clearly that taking any drugs is absolutely detrimental to her wellbeing. I as a mother am most thankful for this treatment seeing the changes and balance it has encouraged in my daughter.

 Genetic Voice Print Testimonials

I was slightly sceptical about going through with the genetic voice print, however there were things I was trying to achieve in my life that were not working at all. I had read all the self help books, I was frustrated, how are all of these things not working?!

Only when I went on the chair and viewed the problems I had were ancestral, I was so overwhelmed with relief. It wasn’t me. I had these programs running through me and I didn’t even realise they were within me. I could see so clearly from which parent/grandparent I had received these programs. It was such a transformation, I am actually my true self now, I feel lighter, happier and more free. These blocks have been removed and nothing is in my way to achieving my goals and really enjoy my life, so many things have already begun to take place.

Everybody needs to have this experience, you are not your true self until you remove these negative programs which have been conditioning you. I am truly and eternally grateful, thank you!
~Rita – London


Deep immersion with Bal’s Chair technique went deep! It took me a few hours to be able to ‘access’ some of the emotions I had unconsciously locked it and when they started to pop up, it was fascinating how much of it was genetic. The ‘Chair’ experience itself was fascinating as all kinds of memories floated to the surface. Definitely a unique and powerful way to address issues.

 Vo-Cal Testimonials

I had a colleague who was bullying me at work – it was going on and off for 10 years. Bal introduced me to “the chair” and it took 4 sessions to finally rid myself of these negative feelings toward him. It helps you to understand why this person is the way they are, and to forgive them for their actions. Bal informed me that I should notice a change soon enough when I go back to work. It worked! My managers moved me to an individual desk in the management corner of the office. Seperating me from the other analysts, making a silent statement. Once this happened, the bully became friends with me, and for the following 4 years, we got on really well. We swapped recipes, and gave each other advice on various things – quite remarkable! There was the odd occasion where we may of had a heated discussion, but that was very rare, and sorted out very quickly. I am so grateful to of had this done, as I was literally at my wits end! Thank you so much! 🙂

“I had an ‘issue’ with my ex-husband, so I agreed to use the Voice Calibration System and the very next day, I can only describe it as “having removed the brain cell that was hurting” and I felt amazing! Forgiveness was what had happened. With help from the Vo-Cal II, I had released the relationship, released the pain and resentment towards my ex-husband and had freed myself of the heavy burden of regret, blame and anger. I had allowed myself to forgive, and this in turn, has set me free. The feeling of relief was powerful and overwhelming and had created a void in me into which only good feelings could come. The more I thought this way, the better I was feeling!”
~Lynne – St. Neots

It has been some time now since I first took the opportunity to sit in the Vo-cal chair. Although I don’t fully understand how this works, you took me though an introduction before I had a couple of sessions in the chair. I did feel uplifted after my sessions but never imaged the true effects that have been achieved after such a long time. I have been able to come to terms with issues that I have had in my life and can now move on in my life. I do not understand the principle of using the chair but I would like to thank you for helping me come to terms with events that had, unbeknown to me, affected me until my treatment with “Vo-Cal” I know Vo-cal may not be for everyone, but I have no hesitation in recommending this treatment with your guidance.


I would just like to send a big thank you to Bal and her chair It enabled me to travel within and without myself , knowing I was safe and secure at all times. Faced what for me was a big issue and found a levelling and peace given to my inner self… an amazing experience and recommend to my friends and family and now to you whoever and where ever you are… there is nothing to fear and everything to gain…yourself!

~Kerry Crouch

 Mace Energy Method Testimonials

Bal guided me through the Mace process in a really caring but professional way. As we worked I felt the charges going out of my issues. But the dramatic bit for me was when I experienced my expanded self. This was when it really came together. My energetic body felt very much larger and fuller and I felt quite different. This was when I realised there had been a big shift. Despite a lot of life challenges at the moment… I have still been able to hold onto that space. I feel so much more peaceful and connected to the source. The Mace has brought much more peace into my life, and I am very grateful for the whole experience



I recently travelled 3hrs to see Bal for a MACE treatment. Bal was lovely. I felt like we were old friends she was easy to talk to and just a beautiful lady.

The MACE treatment was interesting, not at all what I expected, not that I really knew what to expect. We worked on a few issues I had, some cleared very quickly, others took a bit longer. Since my treatment, I have had a lot more energy, I seem to do things straight away, if not straight away, certainly a lot quicker than I ever did – I no longer procrastinate.

A lot of positive things have happened since the treatment and continue to do so. I’m saving up for another treatment from Bal as I think I still have a few other peoples’ energy around that needs to be cleared.

If you are on the threshhold of making an appointment, I suggest you go right ahead and contact Bal. Trust me, all you have to lose is the negative energies that are holding you back from the life you’re dreaming of.

~Jules, Hull East Yorkshire

I was very impressed with my Mace Energy Method session with Bal and would highly recommend it to anyone. It’s a very effective approach, expertly facilitated by Bal, and is great if, like me, you’re looking for rapid and tangible results and a method that genuinely eradicates negative ‘programming’ and doesn’t just cover it up like some therapies do. In other words, what seems to be happening here is true disidentification from the negative programs, as opposed to dissociation from them (which would not be helpful), so they are properly dealt with and ‘disarmed’ (in a non-traumatic way) and not simply swept under the carpet or repressed even further than they already were to begin with. Thank you Bal!

~Sean R